Top Strangest Travel Insurance Claims

The providers of annual, family or single trip travel insurance policies have to deal with many different types of claims on a daily basis. They are quite used to receiving calls and emails from distressed travellers who have developed illnesses or sustained broken bones – because yes, it does happen. But spare a thought for the claims handlers who have had to deal with these barely believable tales below.

Mickey Mouse Hold Up

The assessor may have had trouble keeping a straight face when talking to a man who had apparently been terrorised by Mickey Mouse. However, it later emerged the unfortunate traveller had been held up at gunpoint by a robber disguised as the Disney character.

Scorpion Surprise

One male tourist could have been forgiven for imagining that his day couldn’t get much worse after dropping his wallet into a filthy drain. However, he made the decision to try to retrieve it by scrambling around in the murky depths and was stung by a scorpion. One can only imagine the pain that this poor guy must have experienced – but fortunately he lived to tell the story. He would have been able to claim his medical expenses and cover the loss of his wallet with a simple single trip travel insurance policy – let’s just hope he had one!

Monkeying Around

A male traveller arrived in Gibraltar with the intention of enjoying a quiet, stress free holiday. However, he was pursued and preyed upon by a rather boisterous and cheeky monkey who stole his camera. The man was so upset that he demanded a full refund of the amount spent on his stay. This claim was declined, however his single trip travel insurance policy did stump up the cash for the camera.

Man’s Best Friend

Animal lovers often speak of the companionship and sense of enjoyment that dogs provide. However, they don’t tend to focus on the criminal intentions of these adorable pets. One holidaymaker was caught completely unaware when a dog made off with a camera that he’d left on a park bench. He was able to make a successful claim for the lost device.

Igniting the Passion

A romantic couple decided they’d break with tradition and enjoy their wedding day in the picture perfect surroundings of the West Indies. They were married without a hitch; however, at the reception, the bride’s dress went up in flames after a lump of coal flew out from the beach barbecue! The besotted groom took the drastic option of tossing his wife into the sea to extinguish her. She was left soggy but unscarred and their single trip travel insurance policy covered the ruined wedding dress.

Scottish Downpour

A group of travellers apparently decided to take a week-long Scottish break after hearing about the endless sunshine in this part of the world. They were so shocked and disappointed by the ensuing rain that they decided to make claim – but unfortunately the policy didn’t cover natural events.

The lesson here is, while some of these events may seem laughable, they are indeed all true. Accidents and unforeseen occurrences do happen – and it certainly pays to have appropriate cover when they do.

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